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Support SB 100!

Climate Change

  • It's time to move California to 100% renwable power: California has long been a leader in clean energy, but now we have the opportunity to set a bold, new standard for clean energy: 100% renewable and carbon-free power. Urge the Assembly to pass 100% renewable energy today!

Disclose Cleaning Ingredients!




  • Stop fracking now: Urge Governor Jerry Brown to call an immediate moratorium on the risky practice of hydraulic fracking for oil and natural gas.

Read about our 2015 - 2016 wins:

Oil and Gas-related alerts

Oil and Gas

Count me in for bold action on climate change!

Climate Change

Ban microbeads!

Ocean Protection

Solar Energy

Environmental Justice

Save the Monarch


Save the Elephants!


Improve Voter Registration

Voter Registration

Lawmakers still listen to their constituents. A small number of phone calls or letters is taken to represent the opinion of many more people. A steady stream of feedback to elected and appointed officials has been repeatedly successful in convincing legislators to vote for environmental bills.

Here are more ways you can take action to be an environmental champion:

  1. Contribute to CLCV. CLCV is the political muscle of the environmental movement. We have been electing environmental champions for four decades — and holding them accountable to voters. We can only do our work with your support. Join or donate today.
  2. Stay connected to CLCV. When you join our main email list, we'll send you urgent calls to action and timely news about our endorsements and accountability work. Our Weekly Green email list provides a weekly digest of the state's environmental news. Subscribe to one or both today. Or, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
  3. Elect and support environmental champions. Keep an eye on CLCV's endorsements of environmental candidates. In the meantime, stay informed on your legislators' records using our annual California Environmental Scorecard.

Check back often for more ways to help build a greener California by holding elected officials accountable to campaign promises to protect the environment. Read about a few of our big wins in recent years:

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